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都对 than 既是连词,也是介词。当连词用,后面跟句子,就加do。 当介词用,不加do

I see scattered pictures of a lonely childHow longhow fardo I need to go?Before your splinter heartopens up and takes my soulmy soulAnd all I feel...

The child is more interested in the picture than in breakfast food. Pictures for children to color or cut out, games printed on a package, or a ...

china children,pictures不是一类词,前者是有生命的人,后者是物

她画画?儿童书籍 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thanks(thx) Happy New Year!


A pictures of ....的图片,画面 what the city will look like in 2030: 2030年城市是什么样的

B 短语辨析. A.专心于…… B.目的在于……C.与……有关系 D.介绍。根据题意,这些书是给孩子们的。他们里面有很多有趣的带有插图的故事。故选B。

选D what开头的问句要用名词或名词性短语来回答。some photos其实就好了,那么补充完整就是 Some photos (which were )taken by the children of Yushu ,Qinghai are on show in the museum。这里的taken by the children of Yushu ,Qinghai 做...


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